5. March 2020

Interview with Laserhub

What significance does Blechexpo have for Laserhub?

Blechexpo is a highlight for us from many points of view. Firstly, it is the central trade fair for the industry that we want to digitize and change. For us as a Stuttgart startup, it is also a home game, so to speak! In addition, Blechexpo was also the first major trade fair at which we were ever present – the positive feedback there has strengthened us in the long term. These aspects make Blechexpo a special event for us.

What are your goals for a trade show appearance?

Well, we are a digital company through and through with our automated B2B platform for efficient order management, but at the same time it is just a fact that business is done between people. So trade shows remain important for us. Direct contact with both existing and potential customers and partners is indispensable for picking up on new trends. Blechexpo is the ideal opportunity for this. In short: As a digital company, we like to combine our digital experience with personal contacts.

What difference do you see in a trade fair participation between a start-up and a company established in the market?

There are several differences. Probably the most obvious is the aspect of financial resources, which have a direct impact on the size and design of the booth. However, since our “product” is a purely digital one and fits on a laptop monitor, so to speak, it is not so crucial for us. In addition, a bottleneck in the budget can be compensated by creativity. We have made a virtue out of necessity and now go to trade fairs with a lot of fun.

At the next Blechexpo, however, we will also present ourselves as the established company that we have become in terms of stand size. However, we will never shed our attitude of a dynamic startup.

What primarily motivated you to exhibit at Blechexpo?

Although our founding team already had, or has, many contacts in the industry, Blechexpo is an indispensable opportunity for us to make new acquaintances and increase our own level of awareness. And we simply realize how important it is to continuously show that you are on the pulse of the times. It is also still important in our industry to explain digital products in person.

What distinguishes Blechexpo from other trade fairs for you?

Blechexpo offers the optimum level of breadth and depth for us. This means that it is important for us to be present at a trade fair that addresses exactly our industry, i.e. sheet metal working. On the other hand, it is essential for us to meet not only potential customers but also potential partners, i.e. manufacturers, at a trade fair. Small side note: We are also interesting for companies that want to buy new machines, as we are a reliable and efficient outsourcing partner. Our product is capable of supporting make-or-buy decisions in a matter of seconds.


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