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Sheet Metal Processing with an International Format

The Blechexpo international trade fair for sheet metal processing experienced significant growth and showcases worldwide offerings including products and solutions for the industrial processing of sheet metal, pipe and profiles. The portfolio extends from raw materials to its storage and handling, right on up to the production of ready-to-install assemblies, devices, equipment and basic machines. Supplemented by the complementary Schweisstec international trade fair for joining technology, the trade fair duo is of special importance when viewed from a global standpoint, because nowhere else in the world are the process sequences for processing sheet metal, pipe and profiles so well represented as here!

The modern concepts of Blechexpo and Schweisstec are consistently aligned to the needs of the users, and are reflected in the continuous upward trend demonstrated by both of these information, communication and procurement platforms. Double-digit growth rates for exhibitor numbers and exhibition floor space for nearly every event is accompanied by ever greater numbers of expert visitors from industrial countries and newly industrialised nations.


16th Blechexpo

  • Stuttgart

Blechexpo/Schweisstec 2021 - Live - Statements & Scenes

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As an exhibitor, you can take advantage of the opportunity of introducing your company to Blechexpo’s expert visitors by means of a presentation at the exhibitor forum.

Registration only possible via the online ordering system.

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  • Sheet metal processing machines
  • Cutting and forming technology
  • Pipe and profile processing
  • Joining and fastening solutions
  • Semi-finished sheet metal, pipe and profile products

953 Exhibitors incl. Schweisstec
31 Countries


30.864 Visitors incl. Schweisstec
83 Countries


108.000 sqm incl. Schweisstec
Area gross


Sheet metal processing machines


Trade fair committee

Blechexpo – International trade fair for sheet metal working will be supported by a world-class trade fair advisory board with members form the industry sector.

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