Trade fair highlight 09. October 2023

PREMO global spinning 4. future

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Current sensor monitoring
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Condition Based Maintenance
One of our main tasks is to continuously optimise machine spinning. However, not only the spinning process itself, but also the maintenance of the plant and ultimately also the product quality can be significantly optimised on the basis of an intelligent database connection developed in-house. Under the new term

"PREMO global spinning 4.future"

we now present an innovative approach to plant control and monitoring - including the optional use of augmented reality for even more clarity and quick access. The aim is to increase downtimes and make all processes more transparent in order to raise quality management to a higher level: Ultimately, customers should benefit from this. At the beginning of the new development, the goals were not so ambitious: Originally, we wanted to optimise the maintenance of our PREMO spinning machines on the basis of extensive data acquisition for higher plant availability. But after integrating numerous sensors and evaluating the data obtained, it became apparent that the new solution can do much more than just give condition-based maintenance an additional boost.
At our trade fair stand, we will present this innovation from our company live and demonstrate it to visitors using live spinning parts.