CISAM IMPIANTI s.r.l. Hall 8 - Stand 8210

  • Handling technology / robotics
    • Uncoiling and coiling machines/reels
    • Feeders
  • Tooling technology
    • Cutters, shears
  • Cutting technologies, thermal/mechanical
    • Precision stamping presses/systems
    • Blanking
    • Transverse and longitudinal slitting lines
  • Forming technologies, cold/hot
    • Straightening machines and systems
    • Straightener-feeder machines
    • Roll feeders
  • Joining and fastening technology, thermal/mechanical
    • Laser beam welding
    • Straightening machines
    • TIG welding
  • Coil technology
    • Winding machines (wire, strip, foil and layer winding machines)

Additional information

Blanking lines
Feeding lines destinated to the automotive industry, its suppliers and also to the steel service centers. These lines are characterized by a high production capacity, they are able to feed mechanical speed presses or servo presses with line speed up to 90/100 m/minute. The blanking ...more

Narrow strip winding lines
Narrow strip winding lines These lines allow the “turn beside turn” rewind of steel or non-ferrous strips by obtaining reels weighing up to 5000 Kg. The material head/tail is join-welded and rewound directly on the winding machine mandrel or on spools or disposable cardboard. Mainly ...more

Compact feeding lines
The compact feeding lines are designed on purpose for the feeding of transfer-presses or presses fitted with progressive die, in case of extremely reduced space, however maintaining high performance and an excellent straightening quality. The addition of a guillotine shear, fixed or ...more