Showroom of the international trade fair for sheet metal working

Fraunhofer IWU

  • Reichenhainer Str. 88, 09126 Chemnitz, Germany

Exhibition hall 5 – Booth 5306

Trade Fair Highlight

New Manufacturing Technologies for Metallic Bipolar Plates
Technology-optimized stainless steel bipolar plate for PEM fuel cells manufactured by HPSMF.

New Manufacturing Technologies for Metallic Bipolar Plates

Conventionally, bipolar plates are manufactured by deep drawing. This process enables medium sized production quantities at relatively high costs. Our researchers therefore examined and compared different production processes for bipolar plates in a research project. The result shows that not every method is suitable for every type of bipolar plate. Decisive for the effectiveness of the production process is, among other things, the field of application. In addition to the... read more

Product Innovations

Sound-absorbing sheet metal structures
Metamaterials Influence the Vibroacoustics through the Resonator Effect

Sound-absorbing sheet metal structures

Noise, vibrations and shocks affect the quality of life and everyday comfort. According to the latest studies by the World Health Organization, noise is the second biggest health threat to people. The mobility sector in particular is one... read more

Tempered hydroforming of titanium
Tempered Hydroforming of Titanium

Tempered hydroforming of titanium

Due to their good weight-related mechanical properties, light metals such as titanium, aluminum and magnesium offer great application potential, especially for applications in the mobility / vehicle construction sector. On the other hand,... read more

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Product overview

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