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Cleanable Mobile Filter Unit (W3 certified)

The FUMEX CMF is an efficient, cleanable mobile filter unit developed according to ISO 15012-1 for welding safety products.
The low pressure drop through the filter and external arm supports on the extraction arm allows a high airflow of approx. 1800 m³/h. This results in a maximum capture efficiency and extraction of for example welding fumes and welding dust, without high energy consumption.

Three models. Three cleaning methods:
• CMF 10 – with manual cleaning
• CMF 20 – with motorised cleaning
• CMF 30 – with motorised and pneumatic cleaning
When the air flow is too low, an audible alarm sounds, indicating that the filter cartridge needs to be cleaned or replaced. During cleaning, the dust particles that detach from the filter fall into the dust collector.

The filter cartridge filters more than 99% of smoke and dust contamination from the welding of high-alloy steels, such as steel with a nickel and chromium content of 30% or higher.

The impeller of the fan has backward-curved blades and high efficiency. It is designed to maintain a steady and high airflow, even when the filter cartridge is contaminated. Combined with the low pressure drop of the extraction arm, the CMF filter unit provides high performance.
The hood of the extraction arm is designed for maximum suction efficacy and is ideal for capturing welding fumes. A manual damper at the hood attachment point opens and closes the airflow.

The filter unit is supplied partially assembled for easy installation. Accessories include a spark trap, silencer, LED lighting and HEPA filter (class H14). Other hoses for special requirements can be delivered on request.


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