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Modula presents its new storage solutions for controlled atmosphere environments

Modula S.p.A. introduces new storage solutions designed to maintain the cold chain and operate in controlled environments.
The three solutions developed by Modula are:
• Modula Climate Control: Controlled temperature and humidity storage systems
• Modula Clean Room: Storage systems for clean rooms
• Modula Dry: Low humidity (dry room) storage systems.
Today, companies in all sectors need to invest in logistics, a fundamental driver which is often a critical success factor. It is well known that a warehouse is not merely a storage place but a real backbone of the supply chain, a catalyst of added value which, if well managed, can provide benefits to the entire chain, both upstream and downstream.
Those who work in sectors such as the pharmaceutical, food, chemical or electronics sector look for automated solutions that facilitate access to SKU codes while meeting the need to access a high number of items on the one hand and to make the most of the available space on the other. In addition, the regulations in these sectors are often stringent and specific equipment and structures are required for the storage of certain goods. These were the needs that prompted Modula to develop its new storage solutions. Let's take a look at them in detail:
Modula Climate Control
Designed for storing materials in environments subject to variations in temperature, where the accurate control of storage conditions is therefore necessary in order to prevent the interruption of the cold chain or deterioration of the stored materials. Some of the sectors in which this need is critical are the electronic, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic and food sectors. Whether we are talking about manufacturing or distribution industries, safety is a top priority in warehouse design, and it is essential for products and/or components to be kept under strict control and constantly tracked.


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