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ConSus and Abrasive Recycling Unit ARU: A strong team for maximum efficiency and sustainability

With the innovative ConSus abrasive mixing unit, waterjet cutting specialist ConSus ANT enables the stationary use of Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) systems in the processing industry. In order to fully exploit the advantages of the process in the area of sustainability as well, ConSus ANT has developed a new Abrasive Recycling Unit ARU.

A continuous suspension jet provides a more efficient cutting performance at lower pressure compared to conventional Water Abrasive Injection (WAIS) systems. Since the size of the abrasive grains is almost completely retained in the Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) process, a significantly higher recyclability of the abrasive is also achieved.

The greatest possible efficiency and sustainability is achieved by combining ConSus with the abrasive recycling unit ARU. The recycling of more than 80 % of the abrasive used with ConSus significantly reduces the costs of consumption, storage and disposal of abrasives.
In a ConSus cutting system, the moist recyclate (abrasive) can be fed directly and without drying back into the cutting process.

Likewise, the abrasive previously used in a WAIS system is recyclable with the abrasive recycling unit ARU. However, due to the massive abrasive grain size reduction in the acceleration process within the mixing chamber of the injection, usually less than 50 % can be recycled.
If the recyclate is to be reused in a WAIS system, the ARU can optionally be expanded with a drying unit.

ConSus and ARU can be integrated into any existing waterjet cutting system, thus existing systems can be easily upgraded to the WAS system. Performance and costs of WAS with ConSus as well as WAIS can be conveniently compared using a free progressive web application:


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