Markets and People

With their alignment to actual daily practice, the process sequence presentations provided by Blechexpo and Schweisstec make it possible for users to take a cross-divisional look which goes beyond their own horizons. Machines, tooling and peripherals for sheet metal processing will be exhibited in halls 1, 3 and 5. Halls 7 and 9 will be dedicated to the field of stamping. Hall 4 will focus attention on pipe and profile processing and hall 8 will serve as a centre for press systems. Hall 6, where Schweisstec will be held, will establish the link to joining and fastening technologies. This occupancy scheme based on key focal points is advantageous for the expert visitors because they can intensively familiarise themselves with relevant offerings for their specific fields of interest in a time optimised fashion with minimised legwork, in order to achieve the necessary decision-making security for procurements and investments.