Interview with Laserhub

Interview with Laserhub

How important is Blechexpo for Laserhub?

Blechexpo is a highlight for us in many ways. On one hand, it is the central trade fair for the industry we aim to digitize and transform. On the other hand, it is a home game for us as a startup from the Stuttgart region. Furthermore, Blechexpo was also the first major trade fair at which we participated. The positive feedback we received there strengthened us permanently. These factors make Blechexpo a special event for us.


Which goals do you set for trade fair appearances?

Although we’re a thoroughly digital company with our automated B2B platform for efficient order management, there’s no getting around the fact that business is conducted amongst people. For this reason, trade fairs remain important for us. Maintaining direct contact with existing as well as potential customers and partners is indispensable for us. Blechexpo provides an ideal opportunity for doing just this. To put it briefly, as a digital company we like to combine our digital experience with personal contacts.


In your opinion, what’s the difference between trade fair participation on the part of a startup and on the part of a company which is well-established within the market?

There are several differences. The most obvious distinction has to do with financial resources because this has a direct influence on the size and design of the exhibitor’s booth. But since our “product” is purely digital and fits on a laptop screen, so to speak, this is not so decisive for us. Beyond this, budget restrictions can be compensated for by means of creativity. We have made a virtue out of necessity and now go to trade fairs with a lot of fun.

At the next Blechexpo, however, we will also present ourselves as the established company that we have become in the meantime, also in terms of stand size. But we will never give up our attitude of a dynamic start-up.


What was your primary motivation for exhibiting at Blechexpo?

Although our team of founders had, and of course still has lots of contacts within the industry sector, Blechexpo provides us with an indispensable opportunity for establishing new acquaintances and increasing brand awareness for our company. And we simply realize how important it is to continuously show that you have your finger on the pulse of the times. Also, in our industry, it is still important to explain digital products personally.


From your point of view, what distinguishes Blechexpo from other trade fairs?

Blechexpo offers us the optimum amount of width and depth. This means that it’s important for us to be on hand at a trade fair which targets precisely our industry sector, namely sheet metal working. On the other hand, it’s essential for us to meet up with potential partners such as manufacturers at the trade fair, and not just potential customers.  A small side note: We are also interesting for companies who want to buy new machines, because we are a reliable and efficient outsourcing partner. Our product is capable of supporting make-or-buy decisions in a few seconds.