The Peak Performer part levelling machine also levels thick sheets with great precision (Source: KOHLER Maschinenbau GmbH)

KOHLER reaches new heights with Peak Performer

New generation of part levelling machine handles sheets up to 50% thicker.

KOHLER has comprehensively upgraded its proven Peak Performer part levelling machine to provide a significant boost to the levelling capability of the machine family. Assuming the yield strength of the material is unchanged, the machine can now level to the accustomed degree of precision sheets that are up to 50% thicker than before – a development that places it well ahead of the rest of the market.

As a leading global manufacturer of levelling solutions for the metalworking industry, KOHLER Maschinenbau GmbH, based in the Black Forest/Germany, frequently stuns the sector with its customer-focused innovations, the latest of which is an enhancement to its batch-produced Peak Performer part levelling machine that can now handle sheets up to 50% thicker than before. Besides its extended working range, the new generation of machines impresses with its turnable levelling rollers – a pioneering innovation in the marketplace – and a reworked drive concept. With the proven and cost-effective GAP Control for electro-mechanical levelling and the intelligent 4-point overload protection system, the Peak Performer part levelling machine also brings maximum precision and efficiency to your sheet-metal processing operations.

Product Highlights:

  • Turnable levelling rollers with longer service life
  • New group drive reduces wear and significantly extends machinable cross section
  • Intuitive operating concept speeds up access to settings
  • Remote diagnostics interface to obtain status information via an IP network
  • Electro-mechanical, hydraulic-free GAP Control system
  • Overload protection prevents waste and machine damage


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