Uebele GmbH


Uebele GmbH
Kuhnbergstr. 29/1
73037 Göppingen

+49 7161 99924-0

+49 7161 99924-20

Product overview

Tooling technology
  • Progressive dies / follow-on composite tools
  • Cutting and stamping tools (follow-on cutting tools, complete cutting tools, perforating tools)
  • Deep drawing tools
  • Thread forming on presses and stamping machines

Multifunctional sheet metal processing technology
  • Stamping and forming technology / services

Hybrid technology
  • Stamping, bending and forming technologies
  • Stamped parts, components

Sheet metal and semifinished sheet metal
  • Bent parts, stamped and bent parts
  • Extruded parts
  • Stamped, drawn and punched parts, precision cut parts

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