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Electro-hydraulic linear drive

ahp meets electro

It sounds kind of fabulous. A development that combines the advantages of all previous technical solutions for a linear drive system in a single successful product.
But what exactly is an a-ahp drive?
It is a force and position controlled linear axis for high forces of up to several 100 tons and accuracies in the μm range. An e-AHP drive only consumes energy when it is needed in the process. Oil leaks caused by burst or leaking hoses are just as much a thing of the past as energy-intensive and noisy central hydraulic units or pneumatic compressors. The e-AHP series stand out due to an encapsulated system without rotary seals. The systems are extremely wear-resistant and so unsoiled that they can also be used in clean rooms or in food production without hesitation.
Lift your products to a new technology level with the e-ahp linear drives!
Our for standard series can be used for most applications.


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Machine components


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