Product novelty 24. July 2023

Rösler Smart Solutions

Digital added value helps you cope with your challenges
It is high time to accelerate the digital transformation and to promote innovative digitization solutions in the field of shot blasting! Under our new brand Rösler Smart Solutions we have developed a comprehensive digitization package that allows you to make processes and operational parameters more transparent and to take advantage of cost saving potentials. With our digital approach we create the potential for optimizing your operations and significantly reduce your operating costs.

• Higher transparency of your processes and costs
• Active monitoring of your shot blasting operation with live data
• Quick response in case of deviations and equipment faults
• Intelligent process and equipment controls
• Optimized resource utilization and cost reduction

Our package for the digitization of shot blast machines covers our entire equipment range. It contains hard- and software modules for the following areas:

BASIC (Work piece quality)
• Consolidation of the various shot blasting parameters into one common value “shot blast performance”
• Monitoring and recording of all factors influencing the achieved work piece quality
• Customized evaluation of the production volume

ADVANCED (Operating parameters)
• Active monitoring of all consumptive values
• Archiving of the monitored data to analyze trajectories and trends
• Possibility to visualize pre-set operational time periods

PREMIUM (Maintenance)
• Simplification of preventive maintenance by keeping track of the uptime history of each turbine
• Easy-to-understand monitoring and analysis of operating times and equipment availability
• Automatic triggering of spare part orders with mail-to function